Interested in DRIVEN Virtual Academy?

Entrance Procedure

  • Students must review online readiness checklist on this page before applying.

  • Students must have at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Students must have 10 or less unexcused absences for the previous semester.

  • Student’s Parent/ Guardian agree to fulfill the role of an  academic learning coach. 

    • A academic learning coach is a parent, family member, or another adult who is at home with the student while the student is going through their courses.

  • Students must continue to participate in all onsite mandated district and state assessments.

  • Students & Parent(s) must attend an in person open-house/orientation.

  • Families must complete the PCSSD online registration process.


When registering for the upcoming school year, students are automatically placed in a school based on their address according to the PCSSD Zone Map

Students who are interested in attending DRIVEN Virtual Academy, must complete the application at the bottom of this page in order for us to manually place you in the virtual school. If you are interested in having more than one student attend Driven Virtual Academy, please fill out this form for each student. Please only submit this form ONCE for each student. 

DVA Readiness Checklist

Online learning (whether synchronous or asynchronous) requires different skills than traditional face-to-face learning. It is important to know what is required for student success with online learning. This Readiness Checklist will help you to assess if online learning is an option for your student. 

Do you agree with each of the following statements?

  • We must attend the required (in person) orientation with my student.

  • I am responsible for monitoring my student's online activity.

  • My student is required to take district and state required assessments on campus.

  • My student's failure to participate in district and state required assessments on campus will make my student ineligible for continued enrollment at DVA.

  • We must be actively engaged in his/her coursework to maintain enrollment at DVA.

  • I am required to attend synchronous (scheduled online) sessions.

  • I will serve or designate someone to serve as my student's academic learning coach.

  • The academic learning coach must regularly monitor my student's grades and course activity.

  • The academic learning coach must maintain regular communication with my student's teachers.

  • I must be proficient and/or willing to learn to navigate online educational tools & programs.

  • I have reliable access to a high-speed Internet connection.

  • I will establish and maintain a designated learning area with tools needed for my students success in a virtual learning environment.

  • I can learn from a variety of online formats (videos, discussion boards, chats, etc.).

  • If I can't figure out something, I am able to ask my teacher for help via email, discussion board, or chat.